Saturday, July 28, 2007

Martyrs' Day - Fading Memories

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Once remembered in young that "Arzarni Nay" was filled with plenty of celebrations, talks, people celebrations with sorrow and a strong sound of "OatAaw" from factories to remind people to pause for a while on the time our leaders was assassinated.

Nowadays, all of these things become faded, that it come to my mind that it was just a dream.

A day before 19 July, I called one of friends in Yangon Office from Thailand. She said that "lucky you called me today, if you call tomorrow I will miss(I know only office number). I asked with suprise "Why, tomorrow is Thursday, you take a leave?" She said "No, tomorrow is "Arzarni Nay". I only just can exclaimed "Ohhh, right, I totally forget".

Even worse, the next day I went to Myanmar side Kawthaung, to meet with one partner. We sat at Tea Shop for the chit chat. He said "I tried to call Yangon(Office) for many times this morning, it rings, but nobody pick up. May be because of bad weather, line is not good". We, the rest 2, smiled and said "Hey you, today is "ARZARNI NAY".

The talks just stop and quiet for a while, only some thoughts passing in the minds of 3 of us. I wondered what my 2 colleages are thinking, but with some feeling, I had never asked them.


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