Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hypertention Measurement Instruments Problem

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tdrfrSm tzdk;MuD; ? tzGm;MuD;awG udk aeUwdkif;aoG;aygifcsdefay;&w,f/
tckacwf u tdrfoHk;aoG;wdkif; u&d,mav;awG u trsdK;tpm; trsm;MuD;As/

Ny'g;wdkifeJU NywJU u&d,m u tp - is the best..but pressure curve ..mercury base is same level with heart..need to be more experience to do it..your hearing level is also important..
'pf*spfw,f eJUNywJUvufaumuf0wf rSmwdkif;wm ? vufnSdK;rSmwdkif;wm ? vufarmif;rSmwdkif;wm
are about the same..they have some variation..the best is bring your machine when you go to clinic and check with the doctor..or check with machine soon after your Dr check the BP..then you know the variation of ur machine..
tpHkygyJ ? 'gayrJU 'Daumif;ygw,fqdkwJU u&d,mav;awGeJU
vlwa,mufxJudkyJ wNydKifeuf wdkif;vdkuf&if aoG;aygifcsdefu
u&d,m wrsdK; taNz wpfrsdK; xGufaeygw,f/
if you measure quite will be a lot of variable..BP depends on a lot of condition..the best is patient need to be fully rest condition for 15-30 min .. no stressor..both physical & mental.. then measure BP..


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