Monday, July 9, 2007

Good Paid Career Directions

by Gary Lamphier, CanWest News - Ref :
Edmonton Journal

[Dale Daniels, a senior manager with Deloitte, came up with a list. Daniels heads Deloitte's
rewards and performance management practice for Western Canada. He tracks pay levels closely.]

The following 10 fields are currently showing the biggest gains in annual pay:
1. Engineering (all industries, including operations, drilling, service and mechanical)
2. Geologists (energy, mining)
3. Accountants (including controllers, financial analysts, regulatory compliance specialists,
and CFOs)
4. IT professionals
5. Human resources professionals (entry level to VP level)
6. Skilled tradespeople (welders, machinists, electricians)
7. Administrative staff (payables and receivables)
8. Marketing (including account managers)
9. Sales management (area managers, business development)
10. Quality control managers


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