Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Trade clampdown reported at Mae Sot border bridge

Irrawaddy - Saw Yan Naing : Burmese authorities at the Thai-Burmese border Friendship Bridge in Thailand’s Tak Province are reportedly restricting the volume of goods crossing into Thailand.Goods traffic across the bridge, leading from Myawaddy to the Thai border town of Mae Sot, has dropped from about 300 trucks daily to around 100.

Among commodities affected by the drop in trade are rice, fresh produce and canned goods, according to one resident with contacts with local merchants.

No official reason for the restriction has been given, but it has been suggested that the Burmese authorities want to maintain supplies of essential goods available in Burma. It has also been suggested that the restriction is connected with changes in Burmese officials manning the border post.

The Thai-Burma Friendship Bridge is open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Some goods bypass the bridge and enter Thailand illegally across the river separating Myawaddy and Mae Sot.

Trade at Northern Thailand’s other border crossing, the bridge connecting Tachilek and Mae Sai, is normal, according to local residents. Burmese authorities are enforcing existing weight restrictions, however.

Trade at the Chinese-Burmese border is also operating as usual, a local merchant reported.


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