Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Windows XP Genuine Problem

As most of us using Pirated Copies of Windows(for whatever reason else), some may be facing the following annoying problems. And below is one of the solutions.

1. Genuine Pop Up Screens

After updating windows online for a time, at the start up of windows, you might see such kind of screen saying your copy of windows is not genuine, and needs to register, .... You can download Windows Genuine Advantage Notification Remover and run it to remove it.

2. Unable to Update and Installs update like IE7, Windows Media Player 11, MS Private Folder

If you are unable to installs above programs, because after validating as below screen and fails.
Use the following Windows Genuine Patch to patch to registry. (Just double clike .reg file enough)

Enjoy with Windows. No more nightmares.


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