Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tips to (Automatically)Keep Your (older) Blog Posts

You might have aware that your blog have limited spaces(esp for those who likes to post with images). You currently blog image quota is 1GB (and you can check your available remaining spaces when you upload your images, as above photo).

So how to do if your older blog pages are deleted if not enough spaces? For me, I used to forward all my blog pages to my gmail(dedicated for blog purpose only e.g I recommend Gmail, since now you can have about 4GB(with attachement size bigger than other commercial mail), and storage quota expand quickly with the years passing.

What you have to do is go to 'SETTINGS', then to 'EMAIL', fill out about your blog mail at BLOGSEND ADDRESS box. That's all. And if you use that mail for other purposes, you can filter by your blog name with 'LABEL' to organize your blog posts.

Also if you want to post from other places without opening your blog, set you blog send address, at box "Mail-to-Blogger Address". Then now you can send an article from any mail address to post at your blog.


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