Monday, June 18, 2007

Ranong Sapanpla Fire

A fire at Ranong Sapanpla Block on May 31 Evening. The building is next to Ranong - Kawthaung Jettey and the fire burned almost all apartments at that block.

The fire started quickly and burned rapidly that local firefighters are able to save nothing much when they arrived the scene. since the building is old(said 30 years ago.), combined with evening time, shop owners(mostly all of them are shops, some no residences off time) went out, and unluckily no rains (though always rain in that kind of months but not that evening.)

People said that one Burmese housemaid died by fire(though the police denied).

[[ Photo taken on June 1 2007, 6-7 am in the morning, a night after the fire]]


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