Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Make Me Babies

via gHacks technology news by Martin on 9/3/08

Have you ever wondered how your babies would look like if you would have one with your partner? Now you can find out at the Make Me Babies website. Just upload a photo of yourself and your partner, wait a moment and take a look at a picture that could show your future child. Think it would be pretty funny if the developers of Make Me Babies would get sued by a couple who expected their baby to look like the generated picture but did not.

Could also be a nice way to determine if you are really the father of a baby.. Sorry, just kidding. The user simply uploads at least one picture and either uploads a second picture or picks the face of a celebrity from the celeb database.

If you ever wondered how your baby with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton or Johnny Depp would like then here is your change to find it out.

make me babies

The user can pick a baby frame, select a gender and name for the baby before the baby morphing technology steps in and creates the face of the could be baby.

This is an interesting idea for couples who like to discuss how their children will look like but also for others who love to find out about it. Neat idea.

Make Me Babies


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